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Дата публикации: 26.04.2017

Business image of the enterprise as the main element of the development of the organization

Деловой имидж предприятия как основной элемент развития организации

Tolmachev Alexey Vasilyevich, Ivanova Inna Grigorievna, Guba Anastasia Alexandrovna
1. Doctor of economic sciences, professor VAK
2. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Management and Marketing Department
3. Second-year student, Faculty of Economics
Kuban State Agrarian University (Russia, Krasnodar)
Abstract: The organization's task is to establish a high level of image, for this it is necessary to establish the effectiveness of the components of the influencing business image.
Keywords: business image, enterprise, reputation

The popularity of the topic, which we have chosen, is gaining an ever larger turnover every year. In a market economy, it is difficult to succeed and take your business to the leading level, if you do not plan to develop the efficiency of development, your opportunities and prospects. If only very recently the need for a decent level of image was not so great, but now the reputation of the company comes to the fore.

Just like a person, a firm values its reputation, because people are judged not on behavior, manners, qualities, but by their appearance. That is why you need to establish a good reputation in order to succeed. Any organization has a reputation for independence, whether it wants it or not, and features such as age, size, history, reviews, business scale and others can be characteristic features. But these are only basic qualities, it is important not to forget about the individuality of the firm, its particular style, which would distinguish it from other competitors. This includes the interior of offices, company symbols, a certain color range, logo, name and much more.

It is impossible to give an accurate definition of the concept of the company’s business image, but we can say that this is its «face» or social and economic responsibility to the consumer. Reputation can be either positive or negative. Good reputation implies such qualities as honesty, honesty, reliable guarantees, for example, such as service guarantees, warranty for long-term repairs, guarantees for a long service life and others, quality, positive opinion and demand among customers, weight Advantages in comparison with the competing company, all these qualities will help create a firm positive image of the company and with great success attract and interest a large number of new customers.

But there are firms with a negative business reputation, so I propose to figure out where it all comes from and how to avoid it? Consider this situation: there are two firms producing absolutely identical irons. Quality, price, warranty conditions, with all this have the same amount of advertising, but still as statistics show, more than 90% of buyers will give preference, for example, to the first firm, although it would seem that both firms should have an equal number of buyers. So what’s the reason? And the reason is that the first firm is actively engaged in its reputation, has a pronounced policy to improve its image, and the second company is either at a very low level, or none at all. Many companies miss this important factor, although the results of polls and studies show that a large number of buyers before buying any goods, turn to the media, to acquaintances, to reviews about the company on various Internet sites and already from there develops more than 70% of the impression About this or that product. Negative goodwill frightens off the client and in most cases he loses credibility to the manufacturer in the unlikely event that he again decides to appeal to the goods of this manufacturer.

It is impossible not to say that quality producers can also appear in a negative reputation. The opinion that the client will leave about the company is composed of many factors, including even such as bad weather or lack of mood. How to avoid negative business reputation? The modern world is closely connected with the Internet networks in which we spend a lot of time and practically all the information about news, promotions, discounts, we learn from there. Therefore, many companies are actively engaged in creating pages in all the different social networks, where they place all the information about the company, its history, interesting studies of their products, writing positive feedback and articles about why their product should be purchased. Negative comments very quickly fill the network and if the firm does not eliminate it on time, the buyer will see a large number of negative reviews and lose credibility with this producer.

The reputation of the organization reflects the effectiveness of the components that affect it. These components include:

— the image of the organization — the presence of well-known brands, positioning in the market, design of places of consumption of goods attracting attention;

— the authority of the first person — the level of management, stability in times of crisis, creating favorable conditions for staff, a culture of communication;

— the organization’s reputation on the market — long-term leadership in quality, successful positioning in domestic and foreign markets;

— the presence of organizational culture — financial transparency, attitude towards clients, prestige, attractive social and psychological climate for employees.

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that in order to establish a high level of the company’s image, it takes a long time and a lot of effort, as well as constant control over each element of the image structure. Otherwise, mass consciousness, due to certain

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