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Дата публикации: 29.10.2021

Competitiveness of the automobile enterprise «Sevelektroavtotrans» and factors of its evaluation

Mikhalev Alexey V.,
Ablaev Remzi R.,

1. master's student of the Department of enterprise Economics, Sevastopol state University, Sevastopol, Russia
2. PhD in Economics, associate Professor of the Department of enterprise Economics, Sevastopol state University, Sevastopol, Russia
Abstract: The article examines an important parameter of the effective functioning of a motor transport enterprise, as well as the main parameter of its existence in the market - competitiveness. The authors identified the main factors for assessing the level of competitiveness of a motor transport enterprise and analyzed the competitiveness of the ATP on the basis of an integral indicator specializing in the transportation of passengers, on the basis of which the level of competitiveness of the State Unitary Enterprise “Sevavtoelektrotrans im. A.S. Krupoderov" on the market of passenger and transport services in Sevastopol. The assessment made it possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise.
Keywords: competitiveness, motor transport company, passenger transportation, integral indicators, competition.

The modern market in the Russian Federation is characterized by a high level of competition. This situation is most acute in the market of passenger road transport services. This forces the management of motor transport enterprises and its planning and economic departments to develop and implement additional measures to maintain a high level of competitiveness of the enterprise [2, 3, 4].

The market of motor transport passenger transportation in the city of Sevastopol is no exception, which is characterized by a high level of competition between enterprises providing services for the carriage of passengers by road. The above allows us to formulate the purpose of this study in the form of a study of factors specific to the Sevastopol region that affect the level of competitiveness of the State Unitary Enterprise “Sevavtoelektrrans” named after A.S. Krupoderov”, as well as a quantitative assessment of the level of competitiveness of this enterprise.

Today, «enterprise competitiveness» is one of the few concepts that is quite controversial. Some authors argue that there is no single formulation of the concept of competitiveness. In this work, competitiveness is defined as a relative characteristic of the level of development of an enterprise relative to other enterprises, as well as meeting the needs of consumers [1].

The level of competitiveness of an organization is one of the most important aspects, because it can be used to determine the potential of resources and the ability to use them effectively, which contributes to an increase in the profitability and financial stability of the enterprise [5].

Before proceeding to the assessment of the factors of competitiveness of a motor transport company, it is necessary to determine the classification of services of a passenger motor transport company (table 1).

The key indicators affecting the functioning of the enterprise and its competitiveness in the transport services market are: the state of the transport industry, the goals and objectives of the ATP, personnel qualifications, financial resources, material and technical base, and the time factor.

Table 1

Classification of services of a passenger motor transport company

SignTypes of transportation
Type of rolling stockRailway, aviation, sea, taxi, motor transport
Message typeUrban, suburban, intercity
AppointmentPassenger, tourist, school, special
Comfort level of transportationLow, medium and high comfort
PeriodicityPermanent and seasonal

The competitiveness of any enterprise, including a motor transport enterprise, consists of three factors [6]:



  «environmental factor».

The listed factors can change the level of competitiveness of an enterprise either downward or upward. It follows from this that the level of competitiveness of road transport services in each period of time is determined under the influence of a number of factors.

The object of the study was the enterprise GUPS “Sevavtoelektrotrans them. A.S. Krupoderov» [8].

Let us single out a number of specific factors affecting the competitiveness of ATP «Sevavtoelektrotrans» in the field of passenger transportation, presented in table 2.

The most difficult stage in assessing the competitiveness of a motor transport enterprise is the development of an integral indicator that would allow to quantify the level of competitiveness of the enterprise. The main problem of this assessment is the complexity of the methodological part to substantiate the integral indicator, which would allow the most accurate assessment of the actual level of enterprise competitiveness and identify the factors of its increase.

Table 2

Specific factors affecting the competitiveness of ATP «Sevavtoelektrotrans» in the field of passenger transportation

P/p No.Features of ATPSpecific factors of ATP competitiveness
1Variety of range of services1.     Passenger transportation services by electric and motor transport.

2.     Social taxi services.

3.     School transportation services.

4.     Transportation services by sea.

5.     Intercity transportation services.

2The quality of the services provided1.     The comfort of the vehicle.

2.     Vehicle availability.

3.     Vehicle movement interval.

4.     Vehicle mobility.

3Service cost1.     Possibility of contactless payment.

2.     Payment using stationary validators.

3.     Implementation of the «Active Passenger» program.

4.     «Seamless ride».

4Variety of rolling stock models1.     Availability of low-floor trolleybuses of the brand: Trolza, LAZ, VMZ and others.

2.     The presence of low-floor buses of the brand: KAVZ, NEFAZ, LiAZ, Lotos, Bravis.

5The local nature of competition1.     Using our own repair bases.

2.     The presence of a training center.

Currently, the greatest application has found a method that allows you to establish the level of competitiveness in the form of the sum of the product of competitiveness factors by their weighting coefficient:

where, a (i) is the weighting coefficient of the i-th competitiveness factor; P (i) — the value of the i-th factor of the competitiveness of the ATP in points [2,7].

On the example of GUPS «Sevavtoelektrotrans» and its closest competitors, three fairly large carriers: Eurotrans LLC, Zenit-Avtotrans LLC, Fedchishen LLC, an analysis of competitiveness in the city of Sevastopol was carried out. The experts included the heads and specialists of the ATP divisions, and the respondents included the consumers of services. The assessments of the experts on the weighting coefficients were averaged and converted into percentages to the total of the sum of the values ​​of the individual indicators, and the assessments of the respondents (in points from 1 to 10) were also averaged to obtain the final value. The results of the assessment and calculations of the integral indicator of Sevavtoelektroavtorans and its main competitors are presented in table 3.

Table 3

Assessment and calculation of the integral indicator of «Sevavtoelektrotrans» and its main competitors

Group of factorsCompetitiveness indicatorAssessment weight,%ATP scoreScore,% of the leader
State Unitary Enterprise «Sevelektroavtotrans»OOO «Fedchishen»LLC «Eurotrans»LLC «Zenit-Avtotrans»
ServiceTechnical equipment of the park18.
Number of PS18.009.886.675.525.78100.00
Substation service14.
Professionalism of personnel17.008.094.586.225.01100.00
InfrastructureConvenient location5.0010.
Depot / Park availability5.0010.006.677.025.55100.00
MarketingQuality of service10.007.904.037.946.8899.50
Range of services5.0010.
Enterprise image4.008.974.456.625.57100.00
PR activities4.
General indicator (Cr)100.008.605.755.865.93100.00

The results of assessing the competitiveness of the State Unitary Enterprise “Sevavtoelektrotrans im. A.S. Krupoderov” according to the integral indicator (Cr = 8.60) showed that the company is a leader in the market of passenger and transport services in the city of Sevastopol in relation to competitors. Despite the highest indicator, the company has parameters that are lower than those of competitors. Therefore it follows:

— firstly, it is necessary to improve the quality of the rolling stock service, in this regard, it is necessary to timely purchase components for the repair of rolling stock;

— secondly, it is necessary to improve the quality of the service, that is, the service must be provided in a timely manner and in full.

Thus, despite the fact that in the current environment, private road transport enterprises engaged in passenger transportation services are increasing every year, the state carrier has greater resistance to changes in the internal and external environment of the passenger transport services market than private organizations and has stronger competitive advantages. Despite this, the company’s management needs to constantly analyze the market for passenger transportation services in the region in order to take timely measures to maintain a high level of competitiveness.

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